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Dell Network Assistant 3.0

Dell Network assistant simplifies most home networking tasks
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Dell Network assistant attempts to simplify networking tasks for the less technically inclined by providing a single place from which to view and manage network devices, share resources and troubleshoot problems
Dell Network assistant provides its own wizards. Resources shared via Dell Network assistant can be accessed through the normal venues like Network Neighborhood/My Network Places, or through the Dell Network assistant console itself.

If you have Dell Network assistant running on multiple systems, you can drag a shared resource icon from one system to another, and the utility does all the grunt work automatically such as mapping the drive or printer, installing drivers and verifying the connection on the new system.

Besides files and folders, Dell Network assistant also lets you share the contents of a digital camera attached to a PC with other computers on the network, view each computer firewall settings (if all are running Dell network assistant) and even have a map of your home using My Digital Home to organize your network by room!.

Dell Network assistant boasts the capability to troubleshoot and repair certain network connectivity or resource-sharing problems. It was able to remedy some issues, but its efforts weren't universally successful, and it seems to be more adept at addressing wired rather than wireless networking problems.

Dell Network assistant tries making your home network easier to manage, and it succeeds in many respects.

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  • Simplifies folder and printer-sharing between computers
  • Brings some of Vista networking goods to Windows XP!
  • Share pictures from cameras connected to a PC on the network


  • Inconsistent device recognition and support
  • Could degrade network performance performing some duties
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